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Nina Hartley

As some of you know, Nina Hartley was speaking at
my school tonight. I was really curious about
what type of crowd would show up. Would it all
be guys or all girls? What would she look like?
What would people ask?

Having such an inquiring mind, I figured that
the best way to find out was to show up. There
was this mostly normal looking woman in a red
turtle neck and black jeans. Her hair had
been bleached one too many times, but I can
name a few people who fall into that category.
She had ona pair of black EMO glasses, and
tended to slur her esses a bit, the type of
lisp that is stereotypically associated with
gay men.

She told us how she got a degree in nursing,
but she never was a practicing RN. She wanted
to be a midwife until she got into the porn
industry. Next year, will be her 20th year
in the business.

She was well spoken and talked about a number
of things and assured us that we could not
embarrass her because she worked in the
porn industry.

She talked about how "objectification" had
been turned into a dirty word by feminists
from some period or other and explained to
us that it is not the feelings or the desires
of wanting to see people naked that hurts
others. It is the acting out of these
feelings in a way that interferes with the
other person's reality when they do not

Her four rules of sex were:
-Don't take advantage of people
-Don't take advantage of people
-Do not have sex with people who
are incapacitated.
-Do not use drugs or alcohol to
lower boundaries that you
are not yet ready to cross.

After that, she discussed masturbation.
"If God didn't want you to do it, he
wouldn't have made your arms that long."

She also explained the power of female
sexuality. "Men will do anything the
topless chicks tells you to do as long as
you do not remove the topless chick from

To test her on the being able to answer
any question, someone guy in the back
asked "How many dicks do you think you sucked?"
She paused briefly and replied "About a
thousand-- about a thousand of each gender."

She then went back to the topic of masturbation
and toys. She really plugged the Hitachi magic wand.

She explained how a table is a good sex prop
and demonstrated a handful of possible positions
that you can do with a table.

She also made one young man's childhood fantasies
come true. Some guy in the front row had mentioned
that he had been a fan of hers since he was 10,
so when it came to Nina requesting volunteers, he
was definitely her man. She talked about explaining
to guys how to suck nipples. She said it was much
like sucking earlobes and proceeded to demonstrate
on her lucky volunteer. She also explained the
eroticism of hair pulling and neck kissing. Then
she stopped and asked the boy if he was dizzy and
let him go back and take his seat.

I asked her about how she resolved feminism and
BDSM. She said that with her current partner
she is a submissive and that admitting that she was
a submissive was almost as shameful as admitting
she was an alcoholic. Her partner is a 100% dominant
who only has BDSM sex, and she talked some about
exploring that with him.

She also did not seem to be anti-pirating because
someone mentioned that they found "Debbie Duz Dishes"
on Kazaa, and she was excited because she thought
that was one of her more fun movies.
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