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Things that kick ass.

Okay, so I have been a fickle LJ user making and breaking alliances like static filled underpants in a dryer.

I have spent endless hours creating a more fun friends list, and I have pissed people off because I have deleted them from my friend's list.

Some of the more interesting livejournal friends include:

spoonfeeding, a stripper in Nevada(?). She does not post quite so much as I would like her to, but she is hot and she posts the funniest stuff.

saltdog, a merchant marine who tells many stories about getting drunk at every port while flashing back to interesting stories from living in Rhode Island before his career. He is not posting too much right now because he is changing jobs(?).

jwz, one of the original creators of Netscape, once he left with his millions, he started a bar called the DNA Lounge in San Francisco. Most of what he posts are interesting factoids that you could probably find if you
spent enough time surfing the net, but he keeps them fairly brief and to the point.

merovingian, one of many people's favorites. He makes up the most bizarre stories and puts up humorous polls.

Who are some of your favorite LJ people that you have never met?
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