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shouting at the ground

On the inaccesiblity of culture in small-town america

I wouldn't say that I'm one of those people who goes out of her way to be "cultured." I don't go the art museum because I want to ~better myself~ or something, but because I feel like it. Same with the theatre that shows first run art house flicks like Amile and The Importance of Being Earnest, same with the theatre that shows even more obscure art house flicks like Dancer in the Dark, The Wintersleepers (sorry, my German spelling's worse than my English), and the Troma flicks. And so on. So I guess this is why I never noticed just how much I take these things for granted. It never occured to me that I might ever be in a place where it was not so easy just to walk into a theatre and see whatever art flick I've been hearing about on NPR. It never occured to me I might end up in a city with (god forbid) NO NPR! Augh!

It's so odd, then, that I have no idea where to find "culture" in these cities. The movie theatre in town only shows three flicks at a time, and they're all mainstream monstrosities. There's no such thing as an art museum, and you don't just hop over to the Cinemateque when you feel like seeing a presentation of Storm Over Asia with a live Mongolian orchestra complete with a throat singer.

I often wondered whether I really enjoyed some of these pastimes, or whether I did them because that's what my friends were doing and it was better than going to Denny's. I mean, I didn't enjoy a single solitary moment of Toxic Avenger IV, I can tell you that much, and sometimes I'd like to sit in a movie theatre with comfortable seats, ya know? Being bereft of these things, I know now that the good movies, the good art, the good music, they were like my meals, my staples. The real deal. That off of which I thrived. The rest was candy, and not very tasty candy at that. I never thought I was picky about movies as there was little I would refuse to see, but now I know that the good movies are the only ones I devour-- the others I enjoy idly, as one might snack on a bag of chips.

My boss at puff n stuff was always complaining that you can't get a decent Pizza outside of New Jersey. Now I know what she meant.
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